Intelligent Manufacturing Department

Focusing on the intelligent manufacturing development frontier and facing the economic and social development strategy and industrial development needs of the country, especially Sichuan Province,Intelligent Manufacturing Department carries out R&D of new technologies and application of new products such as complete sets of automatic production lines, information-based workshop manufacturing and digital chemical plant solutions, and is committed to providing technical support for the development of manufacturing industry in Sichuan. It is an important force for our Institute to promote technical innovation and project implementation in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Intelligent Manufacturing Department mainly: develops special grinding machine for RV gear of robot joint reducer, aiming to realize the substitution and mass production of RV gear in China; develops automatic assembly system based on machine vision, providing automatic solutions for the assembly process of multi-variety and mixed-batch mode; develops flexible manufacturing system (FMS), providing mass customization and automatic production solutions for the manufacturing environment with NC equipment as the main processing equipment.Intelligent Manufacturing Department is committed to serving local characteristic industries, and actively participates in and promotes automation and intelligent upgrading of liquor brewing, furniture production and other fields in Sichuan Province.

Adhering to the innovation capacity construction,Intelligent Manufacturing Department trains, introduces and gathers high-level talents, and strengthens the industry-university-research cooperation, and the R&D and application of common key technologies in the industry.

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